About Us

Sligo Women in Business Network (SWIBN) is 100% funded by the Local Enterprise Office in Sligo, and is facilitated by Oonagh Monahan of Alpha Omega Consultants and Olwen Dawe of Irish Business Intelligence
SWIBN provides free monthly networking events for its members with no cost to join.

Oonagh Monahan 
Olwen Dawe
SWIBN is creating a community of female entrepreneurs and business owners in the region. We bring together women in different stages of business development, from start-up to expansion. We provide a supportive and challenging environment, making it possible to deal directly with members business needs. Our meetings facilitate and encourage women to focus on what's important to them, work out where they can get help and how to build their contacts. We are happy to extend our community and newcomers are welcome. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

We meet at the Glasshouse Hotel in Sligo on last Tuesday of each month. Our new calendar combines high profile speakers, entrepreneurs with real stories of business creation, with workshops and networking activities. Meetings are light hearted, easy to engage with and relevant.